stock-photo-8397443-paying-billsPayment Options

Unlike most insurers, MTMIC charges no service fees for installment payments of your workers’ compensation premiums. A number of easy methods are available to make your payments:

  • Payment in Full – You can pay your remaining estimated annual premiums at any time. A 3% discount is available for accounts that pay their annual premium in full.
  • Installment Payments – We will bill you for your estimated annual premiums over a ten month period at 10% of the total per month.
  • ACH Debit / Wire – You can remit any or all of your ten scheduled monthly premium payments by directing ACH debits or wire transfers of the premium amount to MTMIC.
  • AUTOPAY – You can sign up to have your premiums automatically deducted from your company checking account over twelve (not ten) equal monthly payments.
  • Credit Card – You can choose to make your payment with your company or personal credit card (+3% fee).

For more information contact:

Chris Doebler, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
Glenda Moyle
Premium Accounting Manager